Featured as a soundscape and Conception Arose from:
These were the original colors that were colorscaped to engage in movement in an digital gallery
Also explained at the Festival of Ideas and Creation: https://www.instagram.com/p/CO5vfBTNgQN/
Excerpt Below
"Artists: Emkay Adjei-Manu, Anna Binta Diallo, FEZA, Kofi Oduro, Sonya Mwambu, SPATIAL-ESK, Ghislan Timm, Yung Yemi
the cut, the tear & the remix: contemporary collage and Black futures brings together the work of eight contemporary artists deeply engaged in the excavation of a future informed by their individual ancestral connections to the African and Caribbean diaspora and their varied interpretations of collage. This online exhibition presents “cut & paste” techniques in not only its traditional tactile paper and photomontage iterations, but also in uncharacteristic expressions of new media including video, text and design. The digital presentation of the remix, as a result of current global circumstances, is in and of itself an envisioning of the future of Black spatial and temporal experiences marking an invitation to participate in this new imagining."
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